We provide fast, quality workmanship.
  Most work
performs in one to two weeks.    We are Installing of Firearm-Accessories        Restoration, rebuilding and repair for all sporting type firearms. 



INSTALLING OF FIREARM-ACCESSORIESFast turnaround time within the State California waiting period.Mount Scope {Optics & other sights}, Bore sighting, Handgun Grips Recoil Pad,Recoil Reducer, Adjustable Butt Plate, Sling-Swivels, Grip/Caps and StockCross Bolt. Ready for your customer to take home & use.




REPAIR, RESTORATION & REBUILDINGWe will repair any firearm, re-finish stocks and re-blue all sporting type firearms. If we cannot find the





parts we will rebuild or even make new parts. ( We only rebuild receivers do to our license and work on non-assault type firearms legal in California)