The list below explains what each means. A lot of them come from years of industry tradition and, we've developed others to save room in our printed catalog.

MIM Metal Injection Molded

Adj. Adjustable
ML Muzzle Loader

Advtg. Advantage
Mod. Modified Choke

Aft. After
M/S Manual Safety

Alu. Aluminum
Msp. Mainspring

Amb. Ambidextrous
M/T Mechanical Trigger

AB Apache Black
MT Mount

Apt. Aperture
Mtgs. Mountings

AS Arylon Stock
Mtn. Mountain Rifle

Assy. Assembly

Nkl. Nickel

Bbl. Barrel
N.L.C. Novak Low Carry

BD Black Diamond
NM National Match

BL Blue
N/Mod. New Model

Blk. Black
NP Nickel Plated

Bld. Bottomland
N/S New Style

Brk. Bracket
NWTF National Wild Turkey Federation

Brn. Brown
NYPD New York Police Department

BT Beavertail

O/ACP Officer's ACP

Cant. Cantilever Barrel
Oa L. Overall Length

CF Centerfire
OS Oversize

C.G.R.S. Combat Ghost Ring Sight
O/S Old Style

CH Classic Hunter
O/U Over/Under

Chkrd. Checkered

Chn. Channel
Pat. Patridge

CHP California Highway Patrol
P/F Push Feed

CL Classic
PG Pistol Grip

Comp. Competition
PK Parkerized

Cpl. Complete
Pkg. Package

Cr.Carb. Chromium Carbide Coating
PL Plain Barrel

CS Carbon Steel
Plgr. Plunger

Cut. Cut Checkering
Port Ported Barrel

CY Cylinder Bore
Press Press Checkered


DB Deer Barrel
QD Quick Detachable

D/D Double Diamond
QT Quarter

Dia. Diameter

Disc. Disconnector
R/B Round Butt

DM Detachable Magazine
RC Rem Chokes

D/T Drilled & Tapped
Rcl. Recoil

RD Round

EL Elevations
RH Right Hand

Emb. Embellished
Rec. Receiver

Euro. European Style
Ret. Retaining

Exc. Except
RF Rimfire

Exp. Express
RS Rifle Sighted Slug Barrel

Ext. Extension
R/R Red Ramp

Extr. Extractor
RR Rear

RT Ratchet Type

F/ For

FC Full Choke
S/A Single Action

FE Forend
SA Short Action

F/G Finger Groove
Sat. Satin

Fin. Finish
S/B Square Butt

FL Full Lug
Scp. Scope

Flt. Fluted
Scr. Screw

FR Fully Rifled
Send. Sendero

Frm. Frame
Ser. Series-Government

Frt. Front
SF Special Field

F/S Front Sight
Sfty. Safety

FS Fiberglass Stock
Sgt. Sight

SK Skeet

G/A Goncalo Alves
SM Small

GB Glass Bead
Smt. Smooth

GL Gloss
S/N Serial Number

Govt. Government
SP Special Purpose

GR Green
Spec. Specification

G.R.S. Ghost Ring Sight
Spl. Special

Spr. Spring

HB Heavy Barrel
Sptg. Sporting

HG High Gloss
Srt. Serrated

HI High
SS Stainless Steel

HX Hex Head
SS.F. Stainless Steel Fluted

ST Steel

IC Improved Cylinder Choke
Std. Standard

Incl. Including
Stk. Stock

Ins. Insert
Str. Straight

Syn. Synthetic

KT Kit

KS Kevlar Synthetic
Tgr. Trigger

Tgt. Target

LA Long Action
T.H.A. Trigger Housing Assembly

Lam. Laminated Stock
TPI Threads Per Inch

Lan. Lanyard
Trp. Trap

LC Light Contour

LE Law Enforcement
Unf. Unfluted

L.F.C. Lengthened Forcing Cones

LG Large
Var. Varmint

LH Left Hand
VL Varmint Laminated

LK Lock
VS Varmint Synthetic

L.O.P. Length of Pull
VT Vent Rib

Low. Lower

LR Long Rifle
Wal. Walnut

LS Lady Smith
Wdg. Windage

L.S.S Laminated Stock Stainless Steel Barrel
W/B.H.O. With Bolt Hold Open

LT Lightweight
W/ With

W/O With Out

Med. Medium
Wh./O White Outline

Medl. Medallion
WM Wingmaster

M/O Mossy Oak

Mag. Magnum
X/Lt. Except Lightweight

Magz. Magazine
Numbered Models

MF Matte Finish
1G 1st Generation

MB Muzzle Break
2G 2nd Generation

M/C Magna Classic
3G 3rd Generation

MC Monte Carlo
1 Pat. 1st Pattern

Mh. B. Mohawk Brown
2 Pat. 2nd Pattern

Mil. Military
3 Pat. 3rd